Seen, Heard & In-Demand

A self paced program giving you the tools and strategies you need to exponentially increase your visibility and bring in a consistent stream of leads through leveraging the power of podcast guesting!

  • You‚Äôve heard all the online marketing gurus telling you that you need to book podcast interviews to grow your audience, increase your visibility and make more sales but you have NO IDEA where to start.¬†
  • You feel the pressure to be on social media everyday to grow your audience but you find it EXHAUSTING. Between juggling your client work, personal life and running a business, the struggle to stay consistent day in day out is real.

  • You know that a sustainable lead generation system is something you NEED to create in order to hit your monthly revenue goals. But let's face it -¬† you are in a place where it feels like you are trying to squeeze new leads out of your social media¬†and honestly - it feels SO DAMN HARD!

  • You crave to reach a true expert status &¬†You KNOW¬†you have to put yourself out there, ¬†but pitching yourself to podcasts feels like a daunting task (let alone - go though the interview itself)¬†& all of these questions pop into your head like:¬†

    - I don't have enough experience yet,
    - My social media audience is not big enough, so why would they even chose me to a be a guest?
    - I am no expert yet, I still haven't reached 6 figures in my business, so who am I to lecture people on anything?
    - And the list goes on and on…. Feels familiar?

I know how it feels to invest time into creating pitches that NEVER get a reply, let alone - a positive one. It's just THE WORST! 

 I have booked over 500+ podcast interviews for my clients & myself, which resulted in high ticket sales, massive increase in brand awareness & countless profitable collaborations with hosts, but it wasn't always like that...

The amount of energy & time I have put into trying to get booked on aligned podcasts like online guru's preached - was just insane... and honestly - it felt SO wrong & sleazy! 

And for what? To get another automatic reply? No, thank you! 

So I decided to forget everything I knew about podcast outreach & created my own system. One that felt authentic & good to me. 

And guess what - IT WORKED! Aligned podcast bookings started rolling in on autopilot, and I truly cracked the code on sustainable visibility outside of social media! 

I am SO READY to Be Seen, Heard & In-Demand!

Now it's time for you to start leveraging the power of podcast guesting! Inside Seen, Heard & In-Demand I will show you my proven framework on creating a sustainable lead generation system to grow your audience & elevate your authority by guesting on THE RIGHT podcasts! 

Just Imagine...

  • You‚Äôre able to hit your monthly and yearly sales goals and are landing long term retainers through your podcast appearances ALONE. You‚Äôve been able to build rapid trust with current and new audiences through your interviews and have been invited by podcast hosts to speak inside private communities, masterminds, memberships, you name it.¬†
  • You‚Äôre no longer obsessed about your follower growth because you‚Äôre regularly bringing in a regular stream of quality leads on a monthly basis. Whenever you go on a podcast, you‚Äôre bringing in new clients to your membership, 1:1 offers and group programs.¬†

  • You finally feel that sales start to feel easy & everything flows - new people are coming in from your podcast interviews and are ready to work with you after they hear you. You no longer feel the pressure to show up on social media 24/7 since new & quality leads are coming in consistently month after month and you are hitting your revenue goals with ease & flow!
  • People from your audience & network are starting to refer to you as the Nr.1 expert in your field !

  • You no longer feel like a struggling online entrepreneur or a coach that no one knows about, but instead - you feel like your credibility & confidence has massively grown & you've become a match to your new identity as a visible & booked out expert!¬†


Seen, Heard & In-Demand is a self-paced program, so here's what will be covered inside each module: 

  • Module 1: Create Effective Podcast Outreach Strategy + Killer interview topics that convert

    Packed with Strategy Session Workbook + Video Lessons, so it feels like we are on a 1:1 call, where I literally guide you through your Strategy Session. 
  • Module 2: Podcast Research & Validation

    During this module we will focus on finding the RIGHT podcasts for you + I am going to show you my proven framework that allows you to find aligned shows FAST + you will master podcast validation, so you can easily understand which show & why is going into the pitch list.
  • Module 3: Podcast Outreach

    This module is packed with everything you need to know when it comes to podcast outreach: via email social media, form - you name it, everything is covered there with tangible & real life examples of what actually works! 
  • Module 4:¬†Visual outreach assets + DIY Templates

    Within this module, I am going to walk you through various types of Media One sheet's and why they are necessary + DIY templates that can be ready in minutes
  • Module 5: Become a Memorable Podcast Guest & Leverage Each Interview Like a Pro

    This module is packed with what to do before, during & after your podcast interview. Additionally - I am going to walk you though how to track your podcast guesting results, collect & understand the data, so you can adapt your podcast visibility strategy as you move forward. 
  • Module 6: Become a Networking Queen

    Within this module, I am going to show you how to book additional collaborations like guest speaking opportunities, summits and workshops into private communities &  masterminds, so you can massively elevate your authority and make high ticket sales with ease & flow! 
  • Bonus 1: Winning Pitch Vault

    This Bonus folder is packed with real examples of pitches that worked. The folder includes real examples from booked interviews & additional collaborations like email outreach, social media communication, form submissions, etc
  • Bonus 2: My Proven Pitch Template That Converts

    Get your hands on my proven podcast pitch template that saves time & get's - YES, I WANT YOU ON MY SHOW! 

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Meet your host - Kristńęne

Hi! I am Kristńęne -¬†Podcast Guesting Expert & Strategist and the founder of The Podcast Growth Agency.¬†

I am also a wife, mom, freedom seeker, and the ultimate podcast junkie!

 I have booked over 500+ interviews and been responsible for countless additional collaborations that presented themselves after successful podcast interviews, so I am incredibly passionate about helping female entrepreneurs gain strategic visibility & become the go-to experts in their field using podcast guesting as a major marketing tool! 

Kristńęne - Let's Do This!

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