Pitch & Get Booked! 

Podcast Guesting Masterclass! 

In this masterclass, you'll learn:
  • How to find aligned shows with your desired target audience in just a few minutes

  •  How to master your Podcast Pitch and receive - Yes, I would love to Have you on my show

  •  How to leverage each Podcast Interview and create irresistible Call-To-Action

Why Podcast Guesting?

Podcast Guesting is a fantastic way how to elevate your credibility, grow your audience and generate quality, warm leads to your business!


If you crave to establish yourself as the Go-To Expert in your field, then Save Your Seat and I will see you in the Masterclass!  


This Masterclass is a Must-Attend if...

  • You are ready to be seen & heard female online entrepreneur, service provider, coach, or course creator who are done playing small and are ready to land aligned shows by yourself, but you need strategic guidance on how to do it effectively & successfully
  • You are sick & tired of putting podcast guesting on your to-do list month after month & you are ready to go from best-kept secret to showing up in your ideal's client earbuds consistently!
  • Maybe you have a already tried to put yourself out there, but got crickets in your inbox
  • You are SO ready to finally land aligned podcast interviews,  massively elevate your credibility & generate warm, quality leads for your business outside of social media.
Meet your host - Krist─źne

I am Krist─źne - Podcast Guesting Expert & Strategist and the founder of The Podcast Growth Agency. 

I am also a wife, mom to the sweetest boy, freedom seeker, and ultimate podcast junkie!

During only 2021, my team & I have successfully secured nearly 150 Podcast Bookings for our clients, so I know a thing or two about how to land Free high-value Podcast features. 

So I would LOVE to show you how you can leverage the power of podcast guesting & generate warm, evergreen leads for your business!